Most Widespread Issues on Good Drive Washing Machines

The First Good Drive washing machines by Fisher & Paykel got here out of manufacturing in 1991 and since then we’ve got skilled eight improved and extra refined fashions. Though they differ lots, the most typical faults are very comparable. From our lengthy expertise, we are able to say that just about 80% of them have minor faults, however are nonetheless price repairing. We’ll attempt to cowl all of them.For those who discover that yours is totally different, it might be some mixture of few coated.


This fault could be attributable to failure of one of many main electrical components: motor, pump, rotor positioning sensor, reed swap, show panel or one of many water valves. Additionally, trigger could be within the motor controller itself. It may be burned by water associated quick minimize or by energy surge lg washer repair pasadena.

On the “section four”( fashions 085, 058, 508, 608, 708) motor controller there’s a mode the place it might probably shut down within the occasion of a transient on the mains. What does this implies is that machine will go in “asleep” mode and the module won’t restart except the ability is turned off on the wall for no less than 90 seconds.

On the “section 5” (fashions 095-Contemporary, 059-Satisfaction, 509-Excellence, 609, 709) pump is taken into account as part of the ability provide. Whether it is disconnected (thermal minimize out tripped which could be attributable to pump blockage) washer will probably be useless.

Restore of this fault is sort of costly and differ between fashions from $100 to $250.
Finest technique to stop it’s to do common cheap service checks of all main components and empty pockets earlier than wash. For those who purchase used washer attempt to prepare cleansing, water blasting and sanitizing companies which can free drum and bowl from all filth that may trigger pump blockage.


That is commonest washer drawback and in some instances it’s associated to actual technical points and generally to misuse or flawed set up.

Straightforward to note leaks are from water faucets, inlet hoses, scorching or chilly water valves, water mixing chamber. Leak from high finish of the drain hose can be simple to note and ordinary spot is near the connection to the physique of the machine.

Leaking from the pump is nearly all the time attributable to poorly secured pump bracket; pump’s
diaphragm and pump itself are final causes for the leak. Subsequent doable leak spot is an air bell.

If water stage just isn’t set correctly and water is crammed over HIGH mark on the agitator, splashing might trigger some “leak”. Over filling could also be attributable to dangerous (soiled or punched) strain pipe. Garments overloading could make identical drawback.

Damaged neck ring and broken plastic internal bowl are one other doable causes for leak in addition to an excessive amount of detergent used.

Fixing of leak associated issues mustn’t(besides broken internal bowl and leak from essential seal) be very costly, as much as a $100 most.


Noise could be associated to few totally different sources, a few of them indicating that machine should be serviced or repaired to keep away from main injury.

If washer could be very noisy throughout spin cycle essential seal and bearing are dangerous. This fault must be fastened urgently, in any other case water leak can injury motor and rotor positioning sensor.

Banging sound is often associated to empty hose, inlet hose, mains lead or harness. They’re both unfastened or washer has not been leveled correctly. This cannot trigger another larger drawback however might be very annoying.

One other banging sound could be attributable to internal and outer bowl hitting machine’s physique.
The rationale for that’s that water in some way escaped from two steadiness rings within the internal bowl. Identical drawback could be attributable to overloading or uneven garments association within the bowl.

Pump could be supply of very annoying noise. This noise begins on the start of the spray/deep rinse or spin cycle and lasts till pump empties water. It has been attributable to rusted pump stator (water or humidity injury) or ex middle rotor place. CRC spray will repair the issue short-term and new pump will save machine from costlier faults(burned pump will burn triac on the motor controller).

Additionally cracked or chipped rotor magnets could cause some grinding noise.

To repair noise drawback you might anticipate something between $50 to $350.


First explanation for this fault could be in reed swap(lid and off steadiness swap). Damaged swap ought to be changed to keep away from motor controller failure.

Water faucets could cause this drawback additionally. Water ought to be linked and faucets ought to be on.

If delay begin is on, Strat/Pause swap won’t reply.

When Auto Stage has been used machine will resense water stage each time the lid is opened.

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